CHI Residences provides boutique serviced apartments with seven properties across Hong Kong. Following a successful test at one of CHI's properties, demonstrating energy savings of more than 40% on the air-conditioners in both the common areas and serviced apartments, CHI Residences has completely fitted out their property in Jordan, Hong Kong with nearly 150 COOLNOMIX® units.

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CHI Residences

Yamsaard School is a leading international school based in Bangkok and Hua Hin and, following deployment of COOLNOMIX®, the President of the school, Ms Duangchai Trakulchang declared to the local press she was impressed with the benefits for the school and her accountant. COOLNOMIX® having reduced the school electricity bill by 30%

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Yamsaard School, Thailand

200 COOLNOMIX® units deployed in HGC's Telecommunications & Broadcast Equipment (TBE) rooms based on energy and cost savings of >25%. These TBE rooms host very high heat-load telecommunications equipment and COOLNOMIX® is delivering great savings on mission-critical infrastructure.

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COOLNOMIX® units are delivering more than 40% energy savings on inverter drive type air conditioners throughout Woodland Pre-Schools. You can download a case study here.


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Woodland Pre-Schools, Hong Kong

Shine and Shine is a leading producer of fresh fruit juices for China and Hong Kong. Their entire annual production is under the care of COOLNOMIX® delivering average savings of >25% on 3 walk-in 750 sq ft refrigerators. You can download a case study here.


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Shine and Shine, Hong Kong

The world's 12th largest theme park by visitor numbers is rolling-out COOLNOMIX® to about 2,000 air-conditioners and beyond this to about 2,000 refrigeration systems. This phased production roll-out follows a demonstrated energy saving on 4 very large air-conditioners (with an aggregate power rating of 303kW) of >38%. With this initiative, COOLNOMIX® will become a principal platform for Ocean Park to deliver on its current objective of 10% reduction in carbon footprint.

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Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Following a stunning 47% energy saving on one of their stores with 8 indoor AC units, 頂好Wellcome has progressed to production roll-out of COOLNOMIX® units on their stores in Taiwan. Phase 1 alone involved 400 COOLNOMIX® units across 64 stores representing 25% of their total supermarkets.

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頂好Wellcome, Taiwan

The Helena May has one of the finest English language libraries in Hong Kong and requires air-conditioning units to work 24 x 7. COOLNOMIX® reduces costs by 40% while containing humidity threats and assuring comfort levels for book lovers.

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The Helena May, Hong Kong